Handcrafted candle - Rose

Handcrafted candle - Rose

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Our Perfumed Handcraft Candle perfumes your house with delicate fragrances and create a warm and welcoming ambience.
Give an authentic touch to your home decor.

Direction for use
•    Remove the cover, light the wick, place the candle in a safe place (do not leave unattended) and let the delicate Grasse fragrances waft through your home.
•    Allow the candle to burn for a minimum of one hour each time to ensure:
 that the scent is well dispersed. The total burning time given: the entire surface of the wax must melt to ensure that it does not form hollows which, during subsequent use, could limit burning at the centre of the candle.
•    After use, position the wick in the middle and shorten it if necessary to prevent it falling in the hardening wax.
•    Average burning time: 40h.
•    Tip to make your candle last longer, you can keep it in the fridge.

•    Wax perfumed with Grasse fragrances.
•    Wick 100% cotton.
•    A stand holds the wick straight and prolongs the burning time.

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