Liquid Soap 300ml - Lemon and Ginger

Liquid Soap 300ml - Lemon and Ginger

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  • Gently cleanses and protects the skin whilst preserving its natural balance. Leaves the skin delicately perfumed
  • A natural-origin base of Marseille soap produced according to ancient methods using copra and olive vegetable oils
  • Respecting the tradition of Marseille Soap, this soap is manufactured according to ancient methods, cooked in cauldrons and using vegetable oils.

Recommendation for use
For washing: Marseille soap is widely used for washing hands and can also be used for the body. It is recommended for people with intolerance to synthetic wash bases and soaps.
Tip: It can also be used for household cleaning and washing linen. It is an excellent stain-remover, ideal for shirt collars.



·         Gentle and natural

·         Economical

·         Efficient

·         Not tested on animal

·         More than 95% of ingredients of natural origin

·         Paraben free

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