Bath Salts - Vanilla

Bath Salts - Vanilla

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·         Durance bath salts will perfume your bath nicely. You will enjoy their purifying and relaxing action

·         For into a warm bath, let the salt crystals dissolve: they will then release balancing trace elements

·         Relax and enjoy an extra gentle bath (max. 38°C) wrapped into a nice fragrance

·         For an absolute feeling of well being, lie down for a few minutes when you get out of your bath

Cotton Flower: Suave, powdery, soft
Jasmine: White flower, powdery, voluptuous
Lavender: Aromatic, grassy, balsamic, bucolic, powdery, iridescent
Madonna Lily: White flower, suave, sensual
Orange: Fresh, zesty, sparkling, soft, acidulated, citrus fragrance
Rose: Flowery, soft, velvety, enveloping, apricot fragrance
Vanilla-Ylang: Suave, spicy, balsamic
Verbena: Green, lemony, fresh, toning notes

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